My Earth Points

My Earth Points:

My Earth Points (MEP) are a fun way to reward’s members for participation in the different aspects of the site. Members are granted different quantities of points for things like posting, replying, and sharing content. Points may be spent to get great discounts and exclusive offers on products, or to help people play the different games and other interactivities has to offer, etc. These will all be announced when games, discounts, promotions, etc. are created. Points can even be saved in order to receive achievements:

My Earth Achievements:

My Earth Achievements (MEA) are like MEP. They are used to get better offers, bigger discounts, etc. Unlike MEP, MEA’s don’t go away and once they’re earned. Below you’ll see a chart that tells you the requirements for each.

The Point and Achievements Chart:



MEP Chart for Achieving MEA:


When certain amounts of points are reached and certain achievements are earned, ranks are given to those users. This is a way to show you’ve earned a diverse level of experience. The ranks are shown as passports. Below is list of these passports you can earn:

Points, achievements, and ranks are all viewable in your profile bar: