Our Mission

To help travelers and explorers of the world safely discover new places, meet new people and create lifelong memories.

Our Story

It was early 2017 when I went to Japan to meet my wife. As a local to Japan, she was able to show me spots that were less touristy than most; places that only locals really know. In this experience I also learned more about the Japanese language, culture, and made new friends and lifelong memories in the process.
My wife was my first earth guide and I have her to thank for this entire idea.
In our travels together, my wife and I's connection grew and grew in our travels together. I got to show her my part of the world and she got to show me more of hers. We've both treasured all of these experiences and they've enriched our lives in ways we simply cannot explain.

myearthguide.com is designed to help bring these experiences to you. Here, you'll be able to learn, connect, and grow. You'll be able to find guides to assist in your adventures and travel. And you'll have the opportunity to be an earth guide to others, too.

Thank you for exploring My Earth Guide!
-Dave, Owner & Guide
Our Community Standards


My Earth Guide is dedicated to providing a safe and valuable experience for all of its users. As such, we have created these community standards to make sure that everyone has a wonderful experience while exploring and interacting on myearthguide.com. As such, we enforce the following and take any of the following seriously:

Violent & Discriminatory Language & Expressions

While My Earth Guide welcomes the free exchange of ideas, conversation, and opinion we work hard to keep myearthguide.com a place where people feel safe in their exchanges.

Any behavior and/or language that targets individuals and/or groups in a demeaning or violent manner will be looked at seriously with appropriate action taken.

Examples of violent and discriminatory language includes (but is not limited to):
  • Derogatory or intimidating graphics or videos targeting another's race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Harassing or demeaning language of any kind.
  • Sexually explicit language of any kind.
  • Threatening language promoting violence or bullying.
Examples of violent and discriminatory expression includes (but is not limited to):
  • Derogatory or intimidating language targeting another's race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Harassing or demeaning language of any kind.
  • Sexually explicit graphics or videos of any kind.
  • Threatening graphics or videos promoting violence or bullying.
Those who feel they were subjected to violent or discriminatory language are free to contact us at: community@myearthguide.com

Support or Endorsement of Criminal Activity & Groups

My Earth Guide is dedicated to maintaining a place that's safe and compliant with all laws and legal jurisdictions in all countries wherein it operates. As such, the following are strictly forbidden from being posted in any manner or capacity on myearthguide.com either directly or indirectly (e.g. linking to sites or media in any form regarding the following):

Examples of such include (but is not limited to):
  • Creation, advertising or endorsement, of groups advocating hate, terrorist, or criminal activity. This also includes efforts to recruit others into starting or joining said group types.
  • Conspiracy or planning to commit a crime.
  • Discussing one's (or another user's) active involvement in criminal activity or the attempt to educate others in how to commit a crime.
  • Educating others in how to create paraphernalia to commit a crime (e.g. make weapons with the intent of harming innocent persons or engage in other acts such as vigilantism; making harmful substances or devices such as poisons or bombs; methods of computer hacking or piracy.
  • Any attempts at supporting or proposing/glorifying the act of human trafficking or sexual exploitation of minors.
Honest User Representation

As a condition for signing up, it is each user's responsibility to maintain an honest and transparent presentation of themselves and their intentions in all correspondences within myearthguide.com. As such, any intentional act to deceive, defraud, or solicit harm in any way from another user will be taken seriously and could lead to the removal of the violator's account or any other additional actions warranted.

Examples of dishonest actions are (but not limited to):
  • Lying about one's age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. to deceive another into doing or sharing something they normally wouldn't do.
  • Attempts to gain personal information from another (e.g. address, name, financial or legal info, etc.) that is not outright volunteered or is intended to be used in a less than mutually beneficial manner.
  • Deceiving others in an attempt to get into groups, forums, or any other kinds of community meetups they would normally not be privy to.
  • Willful deception in the attempt to involve another in a criminal or coersive act.
Intellectual Property

Creativity and originality is something that we at My Earth Guide encourage and celebrate among our users. We also protect the creativity of our users. This includes making sure that everything uploaded, downloaded, or shared on myearthguide.com is free from copyright issues. It is important to note here that My Earth Guide first and foremost honors the United States copyright laws.

With this said, users agree to abide by the copyright laws of the owners of whatever is shared on this site any any particular form.
Before uploading, sharing, or downloading any items, it is each user's responsibility to make sure all copyright laws are respected.
All users must respect copyright laws. Those who don't will have the materials violating the copyright(s) removed and may have their accounts suspended or removed from myearthguide.com entirely.
Those who are unsure about whether they have (or are) violated copyright laws should consult the following quick, informative guide in determining this: copyright.gov FAQ

Content-Related Requests and Decisions

My Earth Guide respects the requests of our users to remove their accounts from myearthguide.com.
This also includes the request of removal by family members and executors of deceased users as well as those who have authority to govern the decisions of those incapacitated in any manner.

Use of myearthguide.com by minors

myearthguide.com is dedicated to safety in experience and, due to its focus on travel, doesn't generally permit minors to use this site or its services. However, if what's offered on myearthguide.com is of interest to the minor's development, we require permission from their parent or guardian.